Six Great Home Decor Tips

Have you ever stepped into a friend’s house and you were just in reverence? You probably thought, wow I would love to do the same, or I wish I could do that, or I would love to have that. Home decorating tips can be fun, and the changes in your home can bring you great joy and leave you feeling triumphant. However, if you are thinking about redecorating your home, there are several tips you need to know to help you add to an exhilarating sense of style to your home. This article will discuss home decorating tips that can make your house look eminent without having to spend a lot.

1. Choose a decoration leader

Choosing a decoration leader is necessary. A good decoration leader is better than a good company. The leader you select has to be suitable for you. If you are a careful man, you will choose a creative and decoration leader. If you are casual, you can choose a casual one.

2. Outlets in the storehouse

Installing at least one outlet in the warehouse is necessary. Good lighting in the storehouse is imperative for it is convenient for us to find products. Besides, we could iron clothes or use vacuum cleaner directly in the storehouse.

3. Floor drain has to be installed in a relatively low place in bathroom

Bathing will use a lot of water which will flow into the sewer through the floor drain. Some constructors leave not enough launching grade which leads to water overflow. It may cause door deformation, and some may even bring disasters to neighbors. Therefore, before installing, have a good measurement.

4. Waterproof in the bathroom

When we get our new house, waterproof has been done. In spite of that, some are not qualified. As far as I am concerned, waterproof should be a top priority. We should select good quality waterproof materials and have a water test after installing for fear that water leaks into neighbors downstairs. It is not only bad for the friend relationship but also time and money consuming.

5. Water pipe pressures test

It’s easy to find water leakage or water penetration if you don’t test water pipe pressure. Not all decoration materials are qualified in acceptance check, let alone collisions in transport. Therefore, testing water pipe pressure is very necessary. Testing time had better not less than thirty minutes. If home-owner don’t know how to operate, he could employ a professional supervisor to help you check.

6. Special handling of cabinet in balcony

If you install a cupboard in a balcony, you’d better use foam plastic insulation board to prevent direct sun and choose the paint which is not easy to fade.

Lastly, it is important to consider the whole home decoration style. You can find the general style and tone, and then decorate your home with the same or similar style, which is too much easier. Following these tips carefully, will make your home look great and leave your visitors amazed.

Affordable And Easy Decorating Ideas For Your Home

Affordable and easy decorating ideas for your home don’t have to be a large investment. In today’s economy people are looking for inexpensive ways to refresh their homes. Are you looking for affordable and easy decorating ideas to update, upgrade and enhance the value of your home? With a small investment of time and money you can improve your home’s appearance while increasing its value.

Lamp Shades

Lighting is a wonderful decorating element in a room. Sometimes its the simple changes you make that have the biggest impact. Changing the shades on your lamps can give your room a new look and feel. For example, recently I changed my lamp shades in my living room from square fabric shades to silk smocked fabric drum shades. When illuminated, they show the pattern and texture beautifully. One of the most important components of a lamp shade is the lining material. Two main types of lining are translucent and blackout. Translucent shades allow light to filter through and lighten up your room. Blackout shades block any light and only allow light to project from the top and bottom of the shade. Shades come in a variety of shapes and colors. Typical costs are $40-$60. When shopping for a shade, don’t forget to bring your lamp so you can try various shade colors and styles.

Decorating With Fabrics

Decorating with fabrics is another easy and affordable way to enhance the value of your home by making it attractive, comfortable and inviting. Be sure to choose fabric patterns matched to the scale of your room. Textures are great to add interest in the room while not making the room too busy. Accent fabrics pull the room together and by carefully placing the accent fabrics, you draw the eye into and around the room. Fabrics can be used in window treatments, pillows, lamp shades, ottomans, accent chairs, place mats, table runners, even tie backs. If you are on a tight budget, you can save money by adding decorative trim to your existing fabrics.

Furniture Arrangement

Changing your furniture arrangement is the most affordable way to update the design of your room. Start by analyzing the room’s function. Find the most interesting part of the room and make that your focal point. If you cannot find an object of interest, then create one. Then arrange your furniture to highlight or draw attention to that focal point. Remember to visualize the traffic patterns in the room and be sure to leave those areas clear. Most people find it easier to sketch it out on paper before you start moving the furniture. When the furniture is in scale to the room and arranged well, a good furniture layout will look great and feel good, as well as achieve balance.


Many people have beautiful furnishings but are not achieving the look that they want. Re-design is the art of updating your room design by using your own furnishings to create a new furniture layout. You do this by “shopping” your home for different pieces of furniture you may swap between rooms. In addition, with a simple coat of paint you can change the color scheme. Then, if the budget allows, you can purchase additional items to enhance the look of your room. This is a great way to save money, be creative and eco-friendly. When you re-design your room, you get instant satisfaction. In fact, it can usually be done in 1-3 days. Not bad for a small investment in time and money.

I hope you enjoy these easy, affordable decorating tips and ideas. And remember, have fun!

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Easy Home Decorating – How to Decorate Spaces for People

When it comes to decorating your home, forget about the empty, lifeless
rooms you see in interior design magazines and books. Instead, you
should concentrate on designing all of the rooms in your home as
backdrops for the people who will be living in those spaces.

Here are a few easy home decorating techniques for designing dynamic spaces:

Don’t be afraid to leave some empty spaces in your rooms. Empty space
allows for breathing room and lets the most important items in the room
shine — the people who live there!

Avoid large patterns in your fabrics and wallpapers. As a general rule,
use no designs larger than your palm, because they will interfere with
the appearance of people in the room. Using smaller patterns on walls
and furniture will mean that friends and family won’t have to compete
with bold patterns for attention.

Use paint colors that complement people’s skin and eye colors. For
light skin colors, use yellows, pinks, and beiges. For darker
complexions, yellows, olives, and tans can make people look great.

Use textures that stimulate the sense of touch. Look for textures that
are nice to caress, such as velvet, chenille, or satin. They’ll create
a feeling of being pampered.

Always choose comfort over pretense. Just because a sofa looks great
doesn’t mean it’s comfortable. When you visit a showroom, remember that
in order to truly test a piece of furniture, you need to sit on it for
awhile, until you feel totally rested. Only then will can you get a
realistic feel for its support and comfort level.

Your home is meant to be a place for people, and if you always keep
yourself, your family, and your guests in mind, you’ll be well on your
way to designing spaces that will be more comfortable and emotionally
appealing than the staged photos you see in magazines and books.

Tips to Do Easy Home Improvement Projects

In your entire life your home is the most expensive thing you will ever buy. It is also where you spend most of your time. You do not need very much time for the most easy home improvement projects though many people like to spend the evenings and weekends fixing up their place.

It is no different when it comes to your home decor that everyone likes a breath of fresh air. You’d love to redecorate after seeing the same stuff in the same place for years as they are boring except you don’t have plenty of money to spend on these extra frills. Here are four easy home decorating tips for any one on a budget as follows:


You can breathe some new life into a drab room just by changing the position of some pieces of furniture or framed art. Widen your horizons to other rooms, the basement and even the patio and garage. You need not limit yourself to swapping between pieces in just one room. An example of a home decorating tip would be simply swapping window treatments between rooms and switching an end table for a plant stand and vice versa can give a new look without spending a penny.

Thrift Stores and Garage Sales

As you’ve heard the adage never underestimate what you can find at a thrift store; one mans trash is the others treasure. Often people just want to get rid of stuff as people moved or downsized. They are not in the market to make money and so a great and easy home decorating tip is to get a lightly used recliner or dresser for a very good price. It may not be new technically, but it is new for you.


Paint, a famous home decorating tip is by far the cheapest way to provide a new look to any room. Select a similar shade in a national brand and give all five walls (yes, include the ceiling) a new coat instead of choosing a designer Ralph Lauren color. White walls are so out of fashion that even if you want a neutral color, shades of taupe, tan and beige are the way to go. Look for the ‘oops’ section in the pain department to save even more. They often have cans of paint at drastically reduced prices because the colors wee not matched correctly for the original customer.


Adding decorative elements is another home decorating tip. You can add splashes of color around the house with funky or classic accessories that can instantly change the mood of a room even if you do not have the budget for new pieces of furniture. A new throw, some toss pillows, a new wall clock or frame, the possibilities are endless. Go with the theme of your room or with the season and indulge a little to get a lot.

Help is Available

It’s time to start looking for federal help if capital is a problem. The federal government has grants that can be utilized by people for home improvement projects. These grants need not return and can ultimately help you add that room and change the decor like you’ve always desired. You’ll first need to prove that you need the money and you’ll need to provide a list of exactly what you plan to do with it so as to qualify for a federal grant for home improvement projects

How about a loan if you don’t qualify for a grant? Home improvement loans can help those who don’t possess money for home improvement projects immediately. You can pay the loans back in installments. Surf the internet or visit your bank to find loans for home improvement projects. Just ensure that you select a loan longer than you plan to stay in your house. You would essentially be paying for home improvements that you will no longer be able to enjoy.

Since the money aspect is out of the way, what about the knowledge? Simple just visit your local home improvement store. The staff working there will be happier to assist you with ideas and even home improvement project companies who can help you where you need it most. Even though you have never held a hammer before, these companies can assist you with all your home improvement projects.